Introduction: Brave New Blog

Hi there! Welcome to my book blog, which I have decided to name (after a great deal of contemplation) A Literary Girl. My taste, though fiction-leaning, is pretty eclectic; I like reading contemporary fiction, historical fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoirs, literary fiction, women’s fiction, you name it. I would also describe my style as pretty eclectic, but that’s not what I came here to talk about.

My name is Natalie, and I’ve kept a personal blog since my freshman year of college. Its main purpose is to let my family and friends know what I’m up to, but I’ve always liked to write and post book reviews, too. At my job this summer, I was asked to help create social media posts featuring my imprint’s books, and I loved planning and staging the photos so much that I wondered why I hadn’t started doing it on my own. So I decided to create both a separate instagram (@aliterarygirl) and blog dedicated to my bookish pursuits, and here we are!

A little bit about me: As you may have deduced, I’m currently working in publishing. This summer, I’m the marketing intern for Atria Books at Simon & Schuster, and last summer I was an editorial intern for Thomas Dunne Books at St. Martin’s Press at Macmillan. Yep, publishing houses have tons of layers. When people ask why I decided to major in English, or why I want to work in book publishing, the answer is almost embarrassingly earnest and simple: I’ve always loved to read.

If you want to know more about my experience at Macmillan last summer, going to school at Cornell, or studying abroad at Oxford, hop over to My posts here will be limited to book reviews, book news, and other such book topics. I love working in publishing because I get to work on books all day with people who are just as passionate about them as I am. And that’s also why I’m here! I’m so excited to become part of the book blog community. Thanks for reading!

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